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Recommended OTC products for individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis or other sinus issues.

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HEPA Filters & Masks

For more information on improving air quality, click here. Molekule is the only FDA approved HEPA filter to remove and kill viruses from the air. Specifically Molekule Air Mini and Air Mini+ have received FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device on 3/9/21.

dyson pure hepa filter fan alen hepa filter fan molekule conway hepa n95 mask air quality monitor mask ear saver

Sino-Nasal Flushes

Watch an instructional video on how sinus rinses are performed. Even kids are able to perform sinus rinses (watch video).

neilmed sinus flush navage sinus rinsexlear sinus rinse hypertonic saline

Organic Nasal Sprays

Sinus plumber uses capsaicin reduce nasal nerve activity and therefore congestion and runny nose. Instructions on how to make chamomile nasal spray can be found here

capsaicin nasal spray chamomile nasal spray

Nosebleed Treatment

More info on treating nosebleeds can be found here. Watch a video on how to use ponaris.

ponaris nasal emollient afrin nasal spraynose clip for nosebleeds silver nitrate sticks

Viral URI (Flu & Cold) Symptom Treatment

ezcpack sudafed benadryl afrin nasal spray mucinex cough button

Antiseptic Sinus Rinses

There has been increasing amount of research that suggests that sinus rinses performed with betadine or other iodine based antiseptics can kill viruses and bacteria within 15 seconds. With 8 ounces of saltwater (one NeilMed rinse bottle), add 1/2 teaspoon of betadine or ioRinse. ioRinse is similar to betadine, but relatively tasteless and non-staining. Perform flush once a day, especially if you think you might be getting sick. Watch video for more info here.

betadine iorinse neilmed sinus rinse

MRSA Infections

More info on MRSA and disinfection protocols here.

clorox hibiclens sage wipes

Nasal Polyps

Taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids ~2 grams daily as well as cutting out all red meat helps some patients suffering from nasal polyps.

omega 3 fatty acids


clearup nose pencil sharpener

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