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The Dizzy Patient Evaluation

by Dr. Christopher Chang, last modified on 6/3/18

DISCLAIMER: We do NOT consider ourselves "dizzy" experts, but provide the following info as a service to patients. As we are an ENT practice, we will only perform the appropriate testing and evaluation to see if the ears and/or allergies are a cause of a patient's dizziness. Anything more needs to be arranged through your primary care physician or another specialist. Generally speaking, a neurologist is the specialist able to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of dizziness.

The dizziness lasts continuously on an intermittent basis for weeks to months before improving...

...triggered by looking at busy patterns or objects moving past your peripheral vision (walking down a grocery aisle or driving on a busy street). No ear symptoms at all...

You may be suffering from visual vertigo. This condition is brought about when the brain emphasizes visual input over inner ear vestibular and proprioceptive inputs. Normally, the brain uses all the inputs in correct summation to provide normal balance.

Treatment is mainly through visual exercises or optokinetic training to "reset" the brain into de-emphasizing visual input when providing overall balance information for the rest of body.

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