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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Repair Services

Hearing loss is a pervasive problem affecting an estimated 48 million Americans. It is largely focused in the 55+ population, but it can affect patients of all ages from a lifetime of exposure to loud noises, from music to industry. Untreated hearing loss has profoundly negative effects including:

We routinely screen hearing function as part of our normal workup. Our office provides a full battery of hearing tests as well as dispense digital hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the business. We provide experienced hearing health care from toddlers to adults. For older children and adults, we also fit hearing aids.

The typical cost PER new hearing aid will vary between $500 to $1500+. Click here for more info on the breakdown of the costs.  View the different styles and sizes of hearing aids offered in our office here.

The hearing aid company that our office works with primarily is Signia. The different styles of hearing aids we sell and support can be found here.


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Health Insurance

Most health insurances will cover the cost of a complete hearing evaluation... however copays and deductibles will apply.

That said, Fauquier ENT Hearing Aids, LLC who contracts with Hearing Health, LLC to provide hearing aid staffing and services, does NOT participate with any health insurance carriers.  Therefore, we do not bill health insurance for hearing aids or any hearing aid related services.  For those patients with hearing aid benefits, an invoice will be provided to you to submit for direct reimbursement from your carrier.

Hearing Aid Payment Plans

Full Payment: Payment is due in full at the hearing aid fitting.

Care Credit Financing: Online application process with instant approval available. No interest plans are available for 6 / 12 / 18  months with no down payment required.  Payment options, terms and conditions are determined solely by Care Credit.


Why Hearing Aids May NOT Completely Restore Hearing

There are some reasons why hearing aids may not completely restore hearing in some individuals that patients should be aware of. The most obvious reason is when the hearing loss is very severe... So severe to point that it is beyond what a hearing aid is able to help with. Patients with such severe hearing loss would benefit from a cochlear implant (not offered in our office).

The other reason is due to receptive hearing loss or some type of auditory processing disorder. The simplest way to explain this type of condition is to use an analogy. Imagine your hearing to be a radio. A given radio has a volume knob that one can adjust up or down as well as antenna reception which allows one to get a clear signal vs one full of static. If there has been damage to the radio's antenna, it does not matter how much you increase the volume...the signal will still be full of static.

Similarly, hearing loss may be a volume issue and/or a reception issue. Hearing aids can only amplify volume. Hearing aids can not easily improve receptive hearing. The hearing test we perform gives us an idea of both volume (tone audiometry) and reception (speech discrimination scores) aspects of your hearing loss and provide guidance in how much hearing aids may help. That said, even if receptive hearing loss is present, hearing aids can STILL help with hearing, though not to the level of normal hearing.

Auditory processing disorder is when the brain's ability to understand what it hears becomes dysfunctional. The hearing (with hearing aids) may work just fine... but the brain's ability to understand what it hears may not be working fine.

For more information, please email our hearing specialist directly or contact our office.

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