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What is Speech and What is Voice??? (Part 1 of 4)

Introduction Speech vs VoiceBasic Anatomy Voice ProductionNormal Voice

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Before starting, we need to clarify what speech is and what voice is.

Voice is sound production. Speech is what ultimately comes out the mouth after the sound is modified by the throat muscles, palate, tongue, lips, teeth, etc. An example of a voice problem is hoarseness. A speech problem would be stuttering, or nasal-sounding words, or mumbling.

What we will mainly focus on here is voice production. Go to the next section to see what the anatomy of the voicebox looks like and see how a hummingbird's wings are like your vocal cords! OR, to skip to video & audio examples of normal and abnormal voice production, click here. A library of photographs containing abnormalities can be found here.


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