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The Human Voice: In Health & In Disease
Professional Voice Care of Northern Virginia
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• A Short Tutorial on How Our Body Makes a Normal Voice

• Already know? What about a hoarse voice?

Library of video/audio samples organized based on how the hoarseness sounds.
"Photo Library" contains pictures (instead of video).
Order a CD-ROM of any videos (in much higher quality & larger size) in this site...

• How Does the Voice Sound?

Raspy Voice
Normal Speech, but Upper Range Loss
Breathy or Lost Voice
Voice That Catches/Spasms (Spasmodic Dysphonia)
"Noisy Breathing"
Nasal Sounding Speech

• Voice Disorders:

Muscle Tension Dysphonia
Vocal Cord Dysfunction
My Voice Sounds Too High (or Too Low)!
• Vocal Cord Paralysis (Unilateral / Bilateral)
Vocal Cord Granuloma
Vocal Cord Cysts and Polyps

Vocal Cord Nodules

• Vocal Cord Treatment:

Voice Team
Fiberoptic Endoscopy
Laser Treatment (PDL/KTP)
Vocal Cord Surgery

Voice Therapy
Voice Treatment
General Tips to Prevent Voice Problems


Meet The Voice Team from Diagnosis to Treatment
Virginia Voice & Speech Center Member

More Videos On the Voice


Human Voice Tutorial Contents

IntroductionSpeech vs VoiceBasic Anatomy
Voice ProductionNormal Voice

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