Magic Ears Club

magic ears

Welcome to the Magic Ears Club!!!

This unique club is for parents with hard-of-hearing children to connect, share, and provide support for each other.

Being a member of this exclusive club means being able to participate in practice sponsored parties as well as meeting new friends who also have "magic ears".

Like us on Facebook (100% public)

We suggest that you join both, but depending on how private you are, you can be more active in one or the other.

Please be aware that joining Facebook is considered a PUBLIC forum in that information shared or contained within are not considered private and privileged information. They can be seen by all others who are members of the forum. Share if you like, but with this understanding.

Anything you wish to share in private with a member of our staff, please do so with a phone call.

If you have any questions about our Magic Ears Club or resources for families, please don't hesitate to contact Audiologist, Dr. Catie Chalmers.