How to Give Allergy Shots

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Allergy injections are NOT administered the same way that vaccines like the flu shot or pediatric shot series are given which are injected into the muscle. Allergy shots are given into the sub-cutaneous tissues instead of the muscle. The subcutaneous tissue is the layer where the fat is... or the layer between the skin and muscle. This article attempts to instruct how one administers allergy shots correctly into the subcutaneous tissues. After understanding how to inject, instructions on the correct amount to be drawn up is given.

As an FYI, intradermal shots are injected into the skin layer itself, usually performed when administering a TB or allergy test. Basically, the goal is to blister the skin.

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After drawing up the appropriate amount of allergy serum, hold the syringe comfortably in your dominant hand. Visually confirm correct volume of serum drawn up and that there are no air bubbles present.

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shot bevel


The allergy shot is administered into the tricep region of the arm (back part of the upper arm). Pinch only the skin (excluding the muscle) between your thumb and index finger using your non-dominant hand. Pinching helps lift and isolate the subcutaneous tissues up and away from the muscle.

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shot approach


Insert needle into the skin ONLY HALF THE LENGTH OF THE NEEDLE!!! Do NOT push the needle all the way in. Inject the serum.

That's it!

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shot subcutaneous


Note that the syringe was inserted to the hub and that the skin was not pinched prior to insertion. Most likely, the needle is in the muscle and there is an increased risk of anaphylaxis if given improperly like this.

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shot incorrect

Wondering about whether gloves should be worn with allergy shots? Click here for more info.

Allergy shots are given using a 1cc syringe with a 25 gauge or higher needle. The amounts injected are miniscule and may be confusing for an individual (even for non-allergy physicians and nurses). At least in our practice, the amounts administered are as follows: 0.025 cc, 0.05 cc, 0.10 cc, 0.20 cc, and 0.25 cc. Here are the photos depicting each of these amounts. Click on the picture for a magnified view.

Amount: 0.025 cc
Amount: 0.05 cc
Amount: 0.10 cc
Amount: 0.20 cc
Amount: 0.25 cc

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