Voice Specialists Around the United States and World

A medical doctor who specializes in voice is known as a laryngologist. If you are or know of a physician who specializes in voice disorders (fellowship training in laryngology) and would like to be added to this list, please email Dr. Chang. Let me know if there are any corrections needed as well.

A complete list of physicians who treat spasmodic dysphonia can be found here.

United States of America


  • Randall Plant is located in Anchorage.


  • Afshin Emami in Tuscon.
  • Mindy Black is at University of Arizona (Tuscon)


  • Irvine
    • Roger Crumley at the University of California, Irvine.
    • Sunil Verma
  • Los Angeles
    • Gerald Berke at the University of California, Los Angeles.
    • Reena Gupta
  • Newport Beach
    • Steven Feinberg
  • Sacramento
    • Peter C. Belafsky is at the University of California, Davis.
  • San Diego
    • Apurva Thekdi is at the University of California, San Diego.
  • San Francisco
    • Herbert Dedo, Mark Courey, David Eislie, Andrew Murr, and Mark Singer are at the University of California, San Francisco.
  • Stanford


  • Broomfield
  • Denver
  • Englewood
    • Andre Reed is a former laryngology fellow at Johns Hopkins.


District of Columbia


  • Miami
    • Roy Casiano is at the University of Miami.
  • Orlando
    • Jeffrey Lehman
  • Tampa
    • Marion B. Ridley is at the University of South Florida


  • Atlanta
    • Michael Johns and Adam Klein are at Emory University.
  • Augusta
    • Gregory Postma is at the Medical College of Georgia.


  • Chicago
    • Robert Bastian and Brent Richardson are at the Bastian Voice Institute, Downer's Grove.
    • Kenneth Altman is at Northwestern University
    • Andrew Celmer is with the Dupage Medical Group
    • H. Steven Sims is at the University of Illinois Medical Center.
  • Evanston
  • Springfield
    • Gayle Woodsen is at Southern Illinois University


  • Indianapolis
    • Stacey Halum is at Indiana University.


  • Lee Reussner is at the University of Kansas and has a private practice in Lawrence.


  • Sanford Archer is at the University of Kentucky


  • New Orleans
    • Andrew McWhorter is at LSU


  • Baltimore
    • Tanya Meyer is at the University of Maryland.
    • Lee Akst is at Johns Hopkins
    • Kenneth Fletcher


  • Boston
    • Steve Zeitels and James Burns are at Mass General Hospital.
    • Ramon Franco and Phillips Song are at the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary.


  • Ann Arbor
    • Norman Hogikyan is at the University of Michigan.
  • Detroit
    • Glendon Gardner is at Henry Ford Hospital.
  • Lake Claire Shores
    • Adam Rubin and Cristina Jackson-Menaldi.


  • Minneapolis
    • George Goding, Jr is at the University of Minnesota
  • Rochester
    • Nick Maragos is at Mayo Clinic.
  • St. Louis Park
    • Katherine Kendall, Margaret Browning, and Sandra Skovlund are at the Park Nicollet Voice Clinic


  • St. Louis
    • Randal Paniello is at Washington University.


  • Jackson
    • John Schweinfurth is at the University of Mississippi.



  • Reno
    • Robert Wang is at the University of Nevada School of Medicine

New Jersey

  • New Brunswick
    • Michael Goldrich is at the Voice Center of New Jersey
  • Englewood

New York

  • New York
    • Andy Blitzer and Peak Woo are at the NY Center for Voice and Swallowing Disorders.
    • Jamie Koufman is at the Voice Institue of New York.
    • Lucian Sulica practices in Midtown at Beth Israel New York.
    • Milan Amin practices at NYU.
    • Ken Altman is at Mt. Sinai.
    • Benjamin Asher in private practice.
    • Chandra Marie-Ivey
  • Mt. Kisco
    • Michael Pitman
  • Rochester
    • Michael Haben is at the Center for the Care of the Professional Voice
    • John Coniglio
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Syracuse
    • Richard Kelley is at the Syracuse Voice Center.
  • Westchester
    • Craig Zalvan

North Carolina

  • Chapel Hill
    • Mark Weissler is at University of North Carolina.
  • Charlotte
    • Darrell Klotz is at Presbyterian Voice Center.
  • Durham
    • Seth Cohen is at Duke University.
  • Greenville
    • Jonathan Workman


  • Cincinnati
    • Siddarth Khosla is at University of Cincinnati.
  • Cleveland
    • Nicole Maronian is at Case Western Reserve.
    • Michael Benninger is at Cleveland Clinic
  • Columbus
    • L. Arick Forrest is at OHSU


  • Portland
    • James P. Thomas is my fellowship mentor. He treats all voice disorders as well as spasmodic dysphonia.
    • Steven Long is at Kaiser Permanente.
    • Paul Flint is at OHSU.


  • Philadelphia
    • Robert Sataloff, Yolanda Heman-Ackah, Karen Lyons, and Stephen Levy are at Drexel University.
    • Joseph Atkins and Natasha Mirza are at University of Pennsylvania.
    • Ahmed Soliman is at Temple University.
    • Joseph Spiegel is at Thomas Jefferson University
  • Pittsburgh
    • Clark Rosen and Libby Smith are at University of Pittsburgh

South Carolina

  • Charleston
    • Lucinda Halstead is at Medical University of South Carolina


  • Nashville
    • Robert Ossoff, Gaelyn Garrett, and Jim Netterville are at the Vanderbilt Voice Center
    • Bob Sinard does some voice work.


  • Dallas
    • I-Fan Mau at UT Southwestern
  • Houston
    • Richard Stasney is at the Texas Voice Center.
    • Donald T. Donovan is at the Baylor College of Medicine.
    • Mary Es Beaver
  • San Antonio
    • C. Blake Simpson is at the University of Texas Health & Science Center.
    • Robert Eller at the USAF Laryngology Center


  • Marshall Smith is at the University of Utah
  • Nelson Roy is a speech therapist at the University of Utah who has particularly good skills with muscle tension and nonorganic voice disorders.


  • Burlington
    • Damon Silverman is at the Fletcher Allen Medical Center

Virginia (see Washington DC as well)

  • Charlotesville
    • Daniel Landes is at UVA.
  • Warrenton
  • Norfolk
    • John Sinacori at Eastern Virginia Medical School.


  • Seattle
    • Albert Merati and Al Hillel is at the University of Washington.

Washington, DC

  • Steven Bielamowicz is at George Washington University.
  • Jerome Schwartz is with the Feldman ENT Group.
  • Nazaneen Grant is at Georgetown University.

West Virginia

  • Jason McChesney in Morgantown.


  • Madison
    • Charles Ford and Seth Dailey are at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Milwaukee
    • Joel Blumin is at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


  • Alberta
    • Douglas Bosch specializes in laryngology in Calgary.

  • British Columbia
    • Murray Morrison

  • Manitoba
    • Mark Barker is at the University of Manitoba.

  • Nova Scotia
    • Elhamy Attia is at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

  • Ontario
    • Jennifer Anderson is at the University of Toronto.

  • Quebec
    • Karen Kost is at the Montreal General Hospital with McGill University.
    • Francoise Chagnon



  • Graz
    • Gerhard Friedrich works at Univ of Graz - ENT Hospital, Auenbruggerplatz 20, Graz A-8036
  • Vienna
    • Berit Schneider


  • Melbourne
    • Malcom Baxter
  • Sydney
    • Jonathan Livesey
    • Daniel Novakovic


  • Flammand
    • Kathleen Delsupehe located at St Raphael University hospital, Kapucijnenvoer 33, 3000 Leuven. Telephone: +32 16 332340 .
  • Wallonie
    • Camille Finck practices at CHU Liège.


  • Barranquilla
    • Andres Montoya plans to start practice in Barranquilla.
  • Bogotá
    • Luis Humberto Jiménez Fandiño practices in Bogotá.
    • Guillermo Campos Carrillo is at the Instituto de Laringología Guillermo Campos.

Czech Republic

  • Prague
    • Frantisek Sram works at Centre for Communication Disorders, Medical Healthcom, Ltd., Resovska 10/491, Prague 8
  • Brno
    • Radan Havlik is located at Audio-Fon Centrum, Obilní trh 3-4 in Brno ph:+420 541 246 598.


  • Copenhagen
    • Mette Pedersen


  • Bristol
    • Martin Birchall in the Section of Laryngology at the University of Bristol.
  • London
    • Tom Harris
    • John Rubin
    • Peter Clark performs cricothyroid approximation surgery.
  • List of voice centers in England


  • Helsinki
    • Erkki Vilkman


  • Paris
    • Erkki Biancco
  • Lyon
    • Marc Boucayer & Guy Cornut practiced in Lyon, France.
    • Romain Perouse and Bruno Coulombeau


  • Hamburg
    • Markus Hess works at Universitäts-Krankenhaus Eppendorf Universität Hamburg
  • Berlin
    • Wolfram Seidner works at the University Hospital Charite


  • Andhra Pradesh
    • V. Phaniendra Kumar practices at Melody Voice Clinic, Hyderabad, India.
  • Bangalore
    • Shantanu Tandon at St. John's Medical School
  • Maharashtra
    • Sadhana Nayak practices at AAROHA- The Voice Clinic - Mumbai 400014, India.
    • Nupur Nerurkar is at 408,4th floor, Doctor Center, August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner in Mumbai 400 036, India
    • Sachin Gandhi practices in Pune at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.
  • Kerala
    • R Jayakumar practices in Thiruvananthapuram at the Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences.
  • Delhi
    • K Kumar Handa practices at the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences.


  • Guadalahara
    • Baltazar Servin Vargas practices at the Otorrinolaringología, Fonocirugía Y Trastornos De La Voz.
  • Mexico City
    • Masao Kume has a voice clinic at the Hospital Angeles del Pedregal.  
    • Rosa Eugenia Chávez de Bartelt is director of the Voice Clinic Centro de Foniatria y Audiologia in Mexico City.
    • Fermin Zubiaur at the Clinic de la Voz

The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam
    • Hans Mahieu works at VU medisch centrum.
  • Nijmegen
    • Felix I.C.R.S. de Jong works at Academisch Ziekenhuis Nijmegen
  • Utrecht
    • Philippe Dejonckere works at Inst of Phon-Utrecht Univ Hospital, P.O. Box 85500, Utrecht Nl 3509 GA

New Zealand

  • Bren Dorman practices in Auckland, New Zealand at Gilles Clinic.


  • The Voice Department at Tan Tock Seng.


  • Bratislava
    • Dagmar Volmitová is a phoniatrist at Zdravotné stredisko, My'tna 5, 811 07 Bratislava. O: 39-61-51/213.


  • Huddinge
    • Per Ake Lindestad is at Huddinge University Hospital.


  • Basel
    • Joseph Sopko


  • Somyos Kunachak
  • Ornouma Sriwanishvipat


  • Ilter Denizoglu, MD practices at Alsancak State Hospital ENT Dept in Yzmir, Turkey